Institutions In Crime & Punishment

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institutions visited or appearing in the text

institutions referenced in the text

This map plots the real Petersburg institutions that are mentioned in Crime and Punishment. While the map showing all the places that appear in the novel differentiates between state, commercial and entertainment institutions, this map instead divides all the institutions into two categories: those that appear in the novel, such as the police station and the Crystal Palace tavern (marked in red), and those that are referred to, such as Tsimmerman’s hat shop and Dussot’s restaurant (marked in black).
Zooming in reveals a cluster of black markers around Nevskii Prospekt, referring to shops and restaurants, and an absence of red markers to the East of the Haymarket (the exception is the Winter Palace – no. 37 – which very briefly crosses Raskolnikov’s field of vision when he stands on Nikolaevskii bridge). This suggests a spatial divide that separates the world of the characters from the most famous area of Petersburg, and that most closely associated with its literary image.

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