St Petersburg Administrative Districts

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This map, outlining the historic administrative districts of St Petersburg, is presented to illustrate one of the future directions of the Mapping Petersburg project. It is based on the maps of administrative districts used in James Bater, St Petersburg: Industrialization and Change (London: Edward Arnold, 1976), in particular the outline map of administrative districts in 1869 (p. 470), and the map of average rents taken from the Brokhaus-Efron Encyclopedia (1900):

Some of the boundaries of the outer-lying districts are approximated and will be corrected in due course. A series of administrative maps depicting changes to boundaries over time is envisaged.

Future plans include constructing a database of historical and geographical statistics (such as sickness and mortality rates, rents, or industrial activity) which can then be loaded onto the maps. The administrative maps will also be available for viewing as layers in combination with the literary maps, to enable comparative analysis of the real and imagined lives of the city.

The Brokhaus-Efron map is reproduced from the Historic Cities website.

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