A note on icons

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We have now finished upgrading the maps to use a new set of icons, provided by Nicolas Mollet under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

Finding decent icons, ones that are both attractive and functional – easy on the eye, standing out from the background map, numbered, and neither too large or too small – has been quite a challenge. Google’s standard set is limited and quite frankly ugly, and the few others we found were also lacking in some way. But with Mollet’s range, this is no longer a problem. Not only are they comprehensive (gumball machines!), but they come in a number of styles, in a wide range of colours (over 16 million shades available), and numbered up to 300.

And of course, by virtue of an open license, they can be freely used, adapted and re-used.

To Nicolas we say, Thanks and Za zdorov’e!

(There seems to be a problem with the icons being slightly distorted on the maps; it’s on the to-fix list.)


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