Crime & Punishment: Day by day

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 7 July 1865.

 8 July 1865.

 9 July 1865.

 10 July 1865.

 c. 13 July 1865.

 c. 14 July 1865.

 c. 15 July 1865.

 c. 18 July 1865.

 c. 19 July 1865.

Commentators have used indicators in the text such as references to weather conditions to show that Crime and Punishment’s time-frame can be precisely defined: the action begins on 7 July 1867 and ends on 19 July; the only real areas of uncertainty relate to the length of Raskolnikov’s illness and the gap between Katerina Ivanovna’s death and the resumption of the action in Part 6. Dividing the map up into days enables us to compare the chronology of the novel with its narrative structure.

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