Crime & Punishment: Part 1


conversation or interview



mental activity






This series of maps breaks the novel down into its six parts, and maps events rather than places. It shows that the relationship to space is not constant throughout the novel.
In part 1 we can see two main clusters of action, near Raskolnikov’s flat, and near the pawnbroker’s. Events are quite varied, from mental activity (such as dreams and daydreams) to conversations and incidental occurences (such as the scene with the drunken girl). A good deal of the action of this part is related to Raskolnikov’s walks. His initial ‘rehearsal’ walk to the pawnbroker’s is marked in red, and the route he takes to commit the murder is in black. The long walk (in blue) that takes him away from the main scene of the action around the central part of the city may be seen as an attempt to distance himself from the influence of the city; the dream Raskolnikov has on his visit to the islands, of the horse being beaten, indicates his inability to escape.

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