Sarah J. Young, project leader on Mapping St Petersburg, is a lecturer in Russian at UCL SSEES. She is the author of Dostoevsky’s ‘The Idiot’ and the Ethical Foundations of Narrative (London, 2004) and co-editor (with Lesley Milne) of Dostoevsky on the Threshold of Other Worlds: Essays in Honour of Malcolm Jones (Ilkeston, 2006), as well as articles on Dostoevsky and on Russian labour-camp narratives, particularly the works of Varlam Shalamov.
Her interest in the Petersburg text was first sparked by an early encounter with Gogol’s Nose, and developed through her work on Dostoevsky and many visits to the city.
She blogs at
Email: sarah [at] or s.young [at]

John Levin is the technical leader for Mapping St Petersburg. He has two MAs, in Modern History from UCL, and Digital Humanities from Kings College London. Both his historical research and technological interests have led him towards digital cartography.
He blogs at and writes on debtors’ sanctuaries in early modern London at Alsatia.
Email: john [at]

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