Dostoevsky’s Addresses

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Dostoevsky moved to St Petersburg in May 1837 for his schooling, and lived in the city as a student, junior officer, writer and then prisoner, until December 1849. Following his incarceration in the stockade in Omsk and exile in Semipalatinsk, he returned to St Petersburg in March 1860 and lived there until April 1867, when he departed for Europe with his new bride, Anna Grigorevna. They returned to Russia early July 1871, and spent the remainder of Dostoevsky’s life living between St Petersburg and Staraia Russa.

Markers are numbered in chronological order. Information on Dostoevsky’s addresses is taken mainly from E. Sarukhanian, Dostoevskii v Peterburge (Leningrad: Lenizdat, 1970) [Dostoevsky in Petersburg] [pdf], with reference also to Wikimapia.

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